Education on money, savings and investment incorporated at school and college level

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As a child I saw my parents putting in their savings either in Real Estate, FIxed deposit or insurance. I started my first job in 1993 and all I learnt was to buy an insurance policy to save tax! They had no idea how they could get better returns by diversifying or how inflation would eat away into their savings and that the endowment policy actually hardly covers the purpose of life insurance and gets you meagre returns.

Even after 25 years  I see over 95% Indians across all age groups don't know how and where to save and invest or make their money work to make more money. Even educated women and meṅ find financial planning complex and stick to low returns investments.

I strongly urge the government to include "Financial Education" curriculum at Senior Seconday Class and University level so our kids are better money managers and can grow up to well informed financially literate adults. Lets make timely strategic action to groom our future leaders.

I also request that free Financial Education sessions be made available to the general public so they can make informed choices for a money wise secure life.

Jai Hind