Convert Schools and Banquet Halls to Temporary Hospitals

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On 22nd April 2021, the new officially reported covid-19 cases were 3, 32,921. What was not reported was the number of people who died in their homes, in ambulances, in front of hospitals for want of a hospital bed, for lack of oxygen, for lack of medicines or vital injections. 

People aren't dying from covid. They are dying because they are not getting hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, blood plasma and medicines on time. Our govt's ill-preparedness has failed them.

Right now, I do not want to talk about the existing official death toll of 187,000 people from covid-19, many of them who could have been saved if we had enough medical infrastructure. The system virtually collapsed because it could not cope with the deluge. Today every single WhatsApp group, every social media feed is awash with requests for oxygen cylinders, Remdesivir and Tozilzumab injections and ICU and ventilator beds by panic stricken ordinary folks desperately trying to keep their loved ones alive.

I want to talk about the fact that this collapse would well have been avoided if we had created timely and enough infrastructure to cope with the requirements of the population.  Academic and medical experts were putting out fancy graphs showing the rapid rise in numbers but somehow the system did not use the existing facilities that can be converted to temporary hospitals complete with beds, medicines, and oxygen.  

The schools were empty, the banquet halls were unused and yet not a single move to convert these spaces into isolation wards, first level care medical care centres.

What are we waiting for, to let the streets become open morgues before we will think of requisitioning government schools and private banquet calls and schools to serve as live-saving spaces.

I therefore petition the Honorable Minister of Education, GOI, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank to please pass an advisory asking the DM of each district to requisition schools and banquet calls to serve as first level care centres under the aegis of the leading hospitals in the district. Further every MLA and MP in the district must be strictly given the responsibility of ensuring that this is done on emergency footing complete with necessary medical supplies, drugs, injections, oxygen, medical equipment, and PPE suits.

 We do not have time. Every life is sacred and not a single Indian should be forced to die for want of timely medical care and attention. Fellow Indians, this is not the time to sit idle and bemoan the lack of facilities. It is the government’s responsibility to act and by signing this petition, please force them to act quickly before the situation worsens further.

We are Indians, we will rise to the occasion and not lose in the face of the epidemic.

Satyamev Jayate

Jai Hind

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