Appeal to the Govt of India to sue the companies not allowing work from home to employees

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Amid COVID19 pandemic, several countries are suffering immeasurably due to their lack of foresight and complacency.

India has so far been able to dodge the bullet by meticulous planning and timely implementation of healthcare strategies. But the time of real challenge is yet to strike and we won't be able to beat it if these large MNCs won't allow their employees to avoid public transport and to stay away from public gatherings(including their office).

Today is 22nd March and as per the data, the next week is crucial for our fight against Corona virus. And yet some organizations are still pondering on whether to allow their employees to work from home or not.

This is absolutely reprehensible. If in the next week people are forced to come to office, this bomb will explode and India will find itself standing with Italy, Spain, France and China.

It is worthwhile to be considered that Italy falls among the countries with the best healthcare system while India falls in the far below after the 100th mark in ranking. If the robust healthcare system of Italy got overwhelmed due to complacency, we can only imagine what will happen in India.

We urge Ministry of Human Resource Development, Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, Honorable Minister of HRD, and Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Honorable Minister of Health and Family Welfare, to sue those organizations which haven't implemented work from home facility for their employees even till today, when the danger of a mass spread is just around the corner and bigger than ever.

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