Make "Rape and Sexual Harassment" education compulsory in all Educational Institutes.

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Dear Friends, 

As a parent the statistics and numbers of child rape and abuse are mind numbing. In India, a child is sexually abused every 15 minutes, according to the National Crime Records Bureau reports in December 2017. 53% of school going children have faced some sort of sexual abuse. And there is general reluctance to talk about the topic so the real number of cases could be much higher.

Bhavaprita is taking an initiative to make India a safer place for our children. Few Leading schools and colleges have agreed to create Educational content which should be taught in all educational institutions to create awareness about "Rape and Sexual Harassment"of children. This content will be freely available on on our website from 1st Jan, 2019.  As a parent or teacher, you can ask the school management to incorporate this content in the curriculum. You can email us your suggestions to

With YOUR SUPPORT, we want the Government to make amendments/additions to the existing POSCO Act following which educating children on Child Abuse, Sexual Violence and Preventive Measures, and the Rights of the Child is made mandatory in all educational institutions. We will be approaching the Education Minister of Delhi State and Haryana State, with this signature campaign to ensure that “Education to create awareness on Rape and Sexual Harassment” is made mandatory in all education institutes in Delhi and Haryana, to start with.

Please sign Bhavaprita’s petition to voice public opinion to the Decision Makers, namely, Education Ministries of Delhi and Haryana.

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