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Without seed sovereignty, there is no food security.

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The Plant Breeders’ Rights and Plant Improvement Bills will restrict the saving, trading, exchanging, and sale of seed. (This applies to ALL SEEDS).

"This can have massive ramifications on seed and food sovereignty, agricultural biodiversity, access to diverse seed, and increasing the disparities and inequalities in South African agriculture, food and nutrition." African Centre for Biodiversity.

"Right now, National government is moving across Southern Africa engaging in Provincial briefing and Public engagements on these Bills. Now is the time to educate ourselves on the draconian, oppressive, and vulnerable state of our seed systems. Ultimately it will exclude and criminalise small-scale farmers and small seed enterprises" ACB. This corporate-backed bill is being implemented in various countries across Africa.......The Colonization of Our Food. 

We don't need laboratory experiments. We need better farming methods.
Please please support and share. Our future depends on it.
More info-   African Centre for Biodiversity

This petition will be submitted on the1st August 2017 to the Department of Agricultural Production, Health and Food Safety. - Contact Person: Mr. R.M. Ramasodi. 

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