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Feminism or Gender Equality? - what is more important for our society? 

(1) reserved seats for Women in public transport :_ Isn't it ridiculous when a young healthy women get into a public bus and ask a young or old aged man to leave the seat Bcz it is reserved for women! Are girls really so weak that they can't stand for few hours? 

(2) Matrivumi Local:_ Now, if you are already irritated with the first issue, this one will add fire to your ass.In West Bengal there is a complete train reserved for women;the excuse being molestation & eveteasing faced by female passengers from the side of few scroundel  male co-passengers. 

Now, if this is the genuine reason, why girls travel in general coaches? It's surely not that few girls find it funny playing with the eveteasers,so they love to travel in general coaches despite availability of Female coaches. 

Either there should be only general coaches or Male & female coaches. And we demand a separate train naming PITRIVUMI LOCAL reserved for men only � because we don't want girls to feel them insecure. 

 (3)   KANYASHRI :_ In West Bengal poor girls get the privilege of Kanyashri but Poor boys have to join CHOP SHILPO BRIGADE as one & only choice. Let's bring a change here also. 

(4) Gender biased Judiciary system : 

Suppose , you are an unlucky Guy�.A Feminist lodged a complaint against you accusing you for Raping her. You know it's a false allegation.But fuck off what you think ��.Within hours police will arrest you without any evidence .candle light  march in support of the pseudo victim of rape, prime time media trial, protests in social media demanding your capital punishment is already in its full swing. Your parents are ashamed of getting out of the house. Your college life, job, career everything is finished. You have been convicted guilty by the public even before charges were proved in the court of law. 

..wait.. . ->this word is synonymous with the Indian Judiciary system. 

20-30 yrs later all charges are proved wrong. 

Will anyone demand capital punishment for that Girl? ?? ??

(5) Women reservation bill : 

We are already discussing that reservation should be done on the basis of economic status, not Caste or religion or gender. Still pseudo feminists are supporting Women reservation bill which will further prove women  weaker than males . And most importantly, merit will be compromised. �.

~~~~~So, Guys it's time to stand up united & bring a change, a country, a society where every individual will have the same right. 

For bringing this revolution, I need your help. 

Plss sign This petition maxm ��.We will forward our message to the PMO,CJI& POI. 

I shall be greatly thankful to you for your cooperation �.