Ask Chhattisgarh Government to not destroy the Raipur Skywalk which is near completion

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The proposed Skywalk in Raipur starting near Jaistambh Chowk and ending near Shastri Chowk is being considered for tear down. The previous Govt has already spent roughly 50 Crores and it is near completion. I ask all citizens who have any connection with Raipur to support and request CG Govt not to destroy this sidewalk. 

Having spent this much money, the govt must atleast complete it now for a few crores and then if it feels so that it detrimental to Raipur Traffic, they can destroy it at a later date after a trial run of say 1 year. Expenditure of so much money and efforts calls for atleast its trial run by Raipurians.

The destruction can be done at any time but as Skywalk is already in final stages of completion, it deserves atleast 1 chance for opening and its use