We Want A Era of Justice

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We are living in a country where No Humanity Exist, where Animals are better than us,  where No Justice exist, where only Evils are trying to harm us, where Girls are not safe no matter what's her age is, where we are not safe in Worship places, where we are only Judged by the name of Religion,where people fight on the name of Religion, where we are not safe in Day and Night, where Parents are Scared to send their Children out of their Houses, where people are not getting Justice, where we are suffering From Injustice, where we are Helpless. Where Politicians are not doing anything for the public welfare and protection . 

I want to ask one thing from all the Evils of the Society what you think of yourself, what you are doing is right, let me tell you one thing you are not right and you are a black spot on the name of HUMAN BEING.

You  are nothing but a Termite of the Society.

MEDIA is considered as one of the most important pillars of a Democracy like India but the sad part is that the Indian media has failed to perform its Duties for our Motherland.
And now Media is becoming  the Devil of the Society

We want free India from All the Evils, We want Safe India, We want a country where Girls can move freely, We want a country where parents can send their children without Fear. We want a peaceful life.   We want a country where everyone enjoy the fruits of Justice. We want a country where every Religion should be treated Equally. We want a country where everyone perform their Duties without any Corruption . 

How long will it take for the so called Justice as mentioned in the Constitution to come into Real Existence.
The answer is very simple we the youth of our Country will have to take a step forward in this Regard for the betterment of our country and our future generations.