Justice for Asifa

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 Asifa,a 8 year old girl is no more with us. She was gang raped and brutally murdered by 8 people, one of them is juvenile. We all know the details of this horrific act and nation is shocked by this. After Nirbhaya, we thought society has changed for women. It seems that it has been deteriorated. We can not give a 8 year old , a healthy and normal life. Some people can actually think and do this inhuman act to her. It is really sad that a child can not go out of her home without fear. Her mother will be worried if this is the last she is seeing her child. Moreover, these children are our future. Our future is terrified of living a normal life for these animals. Please help me to complete this petition successfully so that our future angels will be in a safe enviromnent.


My request to the Government of India is mentioned below:

1. An exceptional judgement should be taken in this case so that next time someone thinks about doing so, get afraid and such incidences can be prevented.

2. A juvenile law should be reconsidered as this is someone who can rape a little girl and help in her murder. This juvenile do not deserve mercy for his age. 

3.We need justice for Asifa and her parents. However, some media report says they are also killed. If they are alive , they deserve protection and help to overcome the situation. If they are no more, there should be investigation for them also.

4. We need safe country with ""no rape culture" to make our future generations grow healthy and happy. I do understand this is not a simple  task. But rape happens only when strong or powerful people find a weak person to torture, rape and murder with no second thought.We need to make education compulsory and free for all children up to 10th standard at least. We need to give basic self defence training free of cost so that they have the confidence and mentality to fight for themselves. We need to give our children free psychological help and free counselling to empower them with correct attitude and thought process about life with no myth. There should be a body of appointed officers to check all the above help is reaching every corner of our country.


I dream of a country where each child is safe and have the right to live to the fullest without any fear, without any pain and grow into a healthy adult. I need your support for this petition. Please help me to help our angels.