Let’s end bullying in Canadian schools!

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“I have been hurt. I have been hit by my peers, they have said mean words to me. I sometimes tried to tell teachers, but I did not feel listened to. This made me feel hurt and sad.” - *Jenny.

As a teacher of special needs students, I have the honour of working with amazing young people that face challenges in their everyday lives, because they are different. Many of my students report having suffered from bullying at one point or another while attending school. Sexual harassment, emotional and physical aggression, and online bullying are all very real threats to their well-being and can impact their self-esteems - and the rest of their lives.

When I asked my students what change they want to promote in society, they unanimously asked for better norms and mechanisms to prevent bullying in schools. They want students, educators, policymakers, parents and communities to work together and be part of the solution.

Right now, bullying norms and policies are implemented at the provincial or territorial levels, and are not consistent across Canada. My students are asking our government to ensure preventing and addressing bullying is a priority for our leaders, and to ensure all provinces and territories have effective norms to ensure every student has a safe and dignified experience at school.

According to studies, successful interventions decrease the amount of bullying in the school by 20 to 70 percent. Interventions work best when part of a systemic, whole school approach, in which an anti-bullying policy and anti-bullying initiatives are implemented throughout the school.

We are asking The Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety, to formally include a Canada-wide norm in the National Crime Prevention Strategy, that promotes whole school approaches to bullying in all provinces and territories.

Join us in making our schools safe for everyone. Please sign and share this petition to ensure bullying prevention becomes a priority in our country!