COVID cases in the Virginia Dept of Corrections - HELP IS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY!!!

COVID cases in the Virginia Dept of Corrections - HELP IS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY!!!

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monique santiago started this petition to Governor Ralph S. Northam and

This petition is on behalf of offenders in the Virginia Department of Corrections.

The pandemic as we all know called COVID has taken our world in a direction we all are not prepared for. Those who live in the FREE WORLD are dealing with this unexpected virus the best we can and fortunately have access to hospitals, clinics, doctors, holistic treatments, and can quarantine in our homes in a healthy, safe, and clean environment. 

Sadly this is NOT the case for offenders sitting in the Virginia Department of Corrections. As an advocate I have received a very HIGH volume of emails, texts, and calls from family members who are very concerned about their loved ones that are incarcerated.  I also spoke with a few staff members at different facilities and listened to some of their disturbing stories on how things are being handled. 


INFECTED - There are many infected by COVID that are not receiving any proper medical care. It is offenders who are sharing pods and cells with those who do not have COVID and are in fear for their lives. They are witnessing other offenders being carried out of the prison due to compromised breathing from COVID or other severe side effects and then hearing that same offender is now on a respirator or have died. The number of COVID infections are growing rapidy in the prisons on a day to day basis and something must be done. 

CLEANING - Some of the offenders who do not have COVID are also made to clean pods and cells without masks or gloves for those who have COVID. This is UNACCEPTABLE!!! Why not hire and outside company who specializes in hazmat situations that are well equiped? You would think that suggestion would be simple and thought of from at least one person from the VADOC. 

SOLUTIONS - What can be done to better protect the offenders? What are the Warden's doing to ensure safety in their prisons? What is Harold Clarke doing to implement better solutions and safety policies for those who are infected and need help? Tylenol and mixing offenders together is not the answer! 

RELEASE - Those who have under 14 months were supposed to be released. This should happen immediately and was stated it would happen a few months ago. The facilities are overwhelmingly crowded! How can the offenders social distance and everyone is sharing close space? Releasing those who have minimal time left on their sentence should be mandated as soon as possible even if house arrest is required.

WHY? - Why is there no training for this epidemic within the prisons? Why are offenders NOT being separated from those who have COVID? Are officials visiting facilities to ensure safety? 

CONFIRMED CASES - How accurate is the COVID cases that is quoted on the VADOC website? Are these numbers correct and is everything being documented accurately? 

The focus should be treating people with humanity and dignity while they’re in prisons. The offenders and their families deserve better! 

Please sign this petition and share it so we can get the Governor, VADOC and Harold Clarke on board. A plan must be implemented immediately to save lives in Virgina prisons. 

The prisons that are in need of IMMEDIATE attention are:

Dilwyn, St. Bride, Indian Creek, Bakersville, Greensville, Lawrenceville and City Jails. These facilities have HIGH Covid cases.

You can call to voice your opinion and concerns.

Governor Ralph Northam - 804-786-2211

Harold Clarke, Director - 804-674-3119

Thank you,

M. Santiago

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!