Allow Small Class Gyms to Open in NoVa on May 15 By Adhering To Safe Guidelines.

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Katie Hanger
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As a fitness community, we value the health and wellness of our members and their families as our top priority. We believe we can begin to provide our services to members following very strict guidelines of social distancing and extreme cleanliness just as other businesses are providing as they reopen.

If you love your local boutique fitness facility (CrossFit, F45, Boxing, Solidcore, Orange Theory Fitness, etc.) in Northern Virginia and support our reopening along with Phase 1 on May 15, 2020, please consider signing this petition to let our voices be heard. 

Northern Virginia small class gyms (typically 3,000-8000 sq feet) have a maximum capacity of 25-75 people and in most cases only have class sizes of 8-25 attendees. Because of our size we feel that we can safely and confidently keep our members safe by doing the following:

  • Capping our class sizes to a 10 person maximum; therefore, providing plenty of dedicated space for each class participant to maintain social distancing (400+ square feet per participant for the majority of the CrossFit gyms in Northern VA).
  • Disinfecting all equipment before AND after as well as deep cleaning our facility daily.
  • Implementing reservation only access to classes and starting a completely touch free check in system.
  • Closing down all showers and drinking fountains.
  • Requiring all employees to wear masks and encouraging members to wear masks.

If you feel that your boutique fitness facility can abide by these minimum standards, I implore you to join your voice with mine. During these tough times, we have seen a decline in physical and mental health of our community. Our facilities have always been in the business of creating happier, healthier and more productive individuals. We strongly feel that we can continue to provide access to health and wellness through fitness in a way that keeps everyone safe.