Allow Busch Gardens Williamsburg to open with higher capacity than Phase 3 allows

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The historic area of Virginia houses Busch Gardens Williamsburg and the economy is severely impacted by the amusement park being closed. With so many residents being employees at the park not only does it impact the schools and towns, but also individual households. Looking in the groups of business in the same category they are being compared to concert venues and bowling alleys which are not the same. Busch gardens has 335 acres of land which is about 15 million square feet. With the social distancing guidelines if they allow 10k people it would give 1400 square feet per person which is more than enough. Please reopen the parks for economical benefits and so people paying monthly can feel as if they are benefiting. If all the members cancel due to not being able to go the animals on premises will also not Be taken care of. With parks already having plans in place for reopening and changes to how you go like reservations it is very feasible to reopen the park maintaining safety guidelines and with the approval with state leaderships approval.