Grant Chey Barrington a Conditional Pardon/Medical Clemency!

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My name is Chey Barrington, and I write this plea from the confines of a prison cell. It is my hope that after reading these words and learning about my situation you will sign this petition and support my efforts to convince Virginia's Governor Ralph Northam to grant me a Conditional Pardon/Medical Clemency.

Sadly, due to the circumstances of my incarceration, my twenty-one-year sentence is now likely a death sentence. This being the direct result of my life long battle with the debilitating disease Sickle Cell Anemia. Being a condition, which is not recognized as an illness requiring chronic care by the Department of Corrections. The painful symptoms experienced by those who suffer from Sickle Cell Anemia is comparable to the severity of pain experienced by those who battle cancer. The circumstances surrounding my care and that of other Sickle Cell Anemia patients can easily be defined as cruel and unusual punishment.

I seek your support in my quest for corrective justice in a case where my actions were Constitutionally justified. I currently have a pending petition for conditional pardon/medical clemency before Virginia Governor Ralph Northam as related to the manifest injustice of my conviction and current circumstances of care as a ward of the state. This is a case that began with my being targeted and teased due to my disability as a child and evolved to my being targeted by the same group of school yard bullies who by our teenage years were active gang member. This led to events such as my being shot at the age of seventeen, so when able I armed myself.

In Virginia textbook cases of self-defense almost always result in the victim being charged, forcing an uphill battle to clear your name. This is a heightened battle for the poor, and those of color whose claim of self-defense around the nation is disproportionately rejected even in cases where one’s claim is supported by material facts. Many believe because they couldn't afford to pay personal counsel to represent them aided in the injustices they experienced, sadly in many cases this may be true; but not all. My case resulted in a miscarriage of justice even after investing tens of thousands in what I thought would be competent representation, only to receive counsel by multiple attorneys far below a reasonable standard. Additionally, due to numerous reprehensible constitutional, and ethical violations performed by agents of the Commonwealth played an even bigger role in this manifest injustice. 

My claim of innocence is based upon highly material unknown or neglected evidence. Specific non-biological and biological material evidence that comprises a completely contrary description of events as described by all three alleged Commonwealth's witnesses. Through the consultation of a private investigator and newly retained post-conviction counsel ample after discovered evidence was established; such as an eye witness to the event, in addition to facts that were intentionally withheld by a cooperating Commonwealth witness due to threats made by the Commonwealth's alleged eye witnesses. The after discovered evidence could have possibly been established had defense counsel practiced due diligence and performed a reasonable pretrial investigation. 

The investigation of my case was flawed from the beginning with the crime scene being improperly processed by an inexperienced forensic investigator who had never processed a homicide crime scene. A fact that was evident in their being less than thirty crime scene photographs, and incomplete crime scene diagrams. Even with such little documented evidence of the crime scene, it still painted a picture contrary to the alleged facts provided by the Commonwealth's key witness. Physical elements of the crime scene such as blood patterns undeniably support my claim of innocence, and the fact the victim was likely shot by his drunken brother as he fired at my vehicle. A fact that would have been defined had defense counsel hired a crime scene reconstruction expert, action I requested the governor’s office take to fully establish my innocence in their investigation of my petition.

Additionally, due to the actions of leading investigators and the assistant Commonwealth attorney assigned to the case who blatantly engaged in numerous deceptive, unethical, and sometimes unlawful practices had the biggest impact concerning the facts of the case. Investigators failed to follow several material procedure's that grossly impacted the investigation. For example, investigators failed to separate those who at the time were persons of interest upon their arrival to the scene of the crime. Individuals who would later become the Commonwealth's alleged eye witnesses were allowed continuous contact with one another at the scene of the crime and after being transported to police headquarters. Their failure to follow this simple procedure allowed these individuals to deny knowing any knowledge about the case for more than two hours, until they concocted a conspiracy concealing their actions and naming me as a deranged gunman. Investigators also failed to perform gunshot residue test on all the alleged witnesses interviewed in the hours following the shooting. Test were only performed on the victim and one of the three individuals being interviewed. Two of which would later be titled as an alleged eye witnesses, and the other who was the victim's brother, and the shooter who initiated firing at my vehicle was not tested. Ultimately had these simple tests been performed results would have proven one of the men had recently fired a weapon, discrediting the lie told to investigators none of the men possessed or recently fired a weapon.

In closing, I pray you will support me in my fight for justice for myself and others who face the everyday evils of this nation's corroded criminal justice system, especially in the Commonwealth. The time has come for us as a collective group to seek change. This will take a united effort; we can't afford to be divided by race, political views, social or economic standing. We must do what's right for the future generations of this nation. Considering these facts, I call upon you to aid me in giving a voice to the voiceless, by signing this petition.




Chey M. Barrington

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