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Removing Stains from Ralph Lauren Wallpapers - DIY guide

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We think all of us will appreciate getting some tips from experts on the issue of smudges or smears removing or how to get rid of children fingerprints on the walls. It’s not an easy and quite tough job to clean painted walls or wallpapers, so be ready for some work to do.

It often happens that Ralph Lauren wallpaper stains, which spoil look of the whole interior, appear on the walls. Stains on walls are usually of an organic or non-organic nature. The reason for their appearance is inaccuracy, childish prank or, for example, water leakage from neighbors from above. But regardless of the reasons, stains must be disposed of, so that apartment continues to shine with purity and luxury for a long time. There are several effective ways that help remove stains from the Ralph Lauren wallpaper .

How to remove grease stains on Ralph Lauren wallpaper with chalk

Fat stains are the problem of every dining room or kitchen. During cooking and eating, no matter how careful the tenants were at home, annoying fatty stains appear on the walls, and visually spoil the room.

Vinyl-based or non-woven Ralph Lauren wallcovering are the best to make cleaning of. Their structure does not allow liquid substances to penetrate deeply into the paper layer. A water-repellent effect allows you to wash covering with water and addition of various soaps. On paper Ralph Lauren wallcovering, it is more difficult to remove stains, but if you decided to do that, it is necessary to be more careful. There are several ways to get rid of a greasy stain on Ralph Lauren wallpaper samples:

  • Remove stains from the wallpaper with chalk.
  • Chop some chalk into powder.
  • Rub this powder into the stain and leave for a while.
  • Fat is absorbed into the chalk and is easily removed with it.
  • To speed up the process, chalk is placed in a cotton cloth or napkin, applied to the stain and ironed.

How to remove stains on Ralph Lauren wallpaper with starch

The starch is diluted with water till it turns into thick mixture. Then this mixture is applied to a greasy area with a thick layer and left for one night. The next day starch mixture is removed with a brush, and together with a stain.

How to remove stains on Ralph Lauren wallpaper with soda

Another option to remove grease spots on the Ralph Lauren wallpaper samples is soda. ¼ cup of soda is mixed with water until the consistency of gel. Apply this mixture to a soft cloth and wipe the greasy spot. Remains of mixture are removed with a soft and dry cloth.

How to remove fat stains on Ralph Lauren wallpaper with bread

Cut a piece of bread of the same size as the stain itself. Press it to the surface of Ralph Lauren wallcovering and hold for a few seconds. This action is repeated until the stain disappears. A piece of bread is replaced every time with fresh bread.

How to remove fat stains on Ralph Lauren wallpaper with an iron and toilet paper

This method is especially effective if a stain is fresh. Toilet paper or a paper napkin is applied to a fat spot, and then ironed with an iron. After paper absorbs fat, it is replaced with fresh and action is repeated until the stain disappears. The temperature on the iron is set small so that the covering does not peel off from the wall.

How to remove marks of felt-tip pen on Ralph Lauren wallpaper

Children sometimes present not very pleasant surprises to their parents when leaving their art on the fresh Ralph Lauren wallcovering with paints or markers. And if paints are easily washed off with water and sponge, spots from the felt-tip pen on the wallpaper will be much more difficult to remove and parents will have to work a little. So, here we’ve got some tips for you to deal with that:

  • 3% Hydrogen peroxide
  • Stain remover for clothes
  • Alcohol or ammonia
  • Cotton buds
  • Stain remover for ink or markers

Before removing stains, you must find a package with the same markers that mark was left on the Ralph Lauren wallcovering, and read their content. Alcohol markers are much harder to be derived than water markers. There are 4 options for them:

  • A swab or a cotton swab dip into alcohol or ammonia and gently wipe the stain. In this case, you need to carefully monitor that marks of the markers remain on the cotton wool, and not spread over clean space. Instead of already colored tampon, take a fresh one.
  • For water-based markers, an oxygen stain remover for fabrics is suitable. It is applied to stains, left for 10-20 minutes and then rinsed off with warm water.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of medical alcohol and a spoonful of citric acid. Dunk this mixture with a tampon and wash stains from Ralph Lauren wallcovering until it disappears completely.
  • Apply a special tool that displays ink or markers. It is sold in hardware stores and looks like an ordinary pencil. For each stain remover of such kind there is a detailed instruction that will tell how to use it.

A tip:

Before removing stains on prominent areas of Ralph Lauren wallpaper samples, you should check selected substance on an inconspicuous area. Some types of Ralph Lauren wallcovering react to reagents by changing color or texture. Therefore, in order not to spoil the wallpaper, you should check their compatibility with the substances described above.

How to remove hand marks on Ralph Lauren wallpaper

If hand marks on Ralph Lauren wallcovering are left by children, the way out of the situation will be a wooden frame that will turn drawings into real works of art. But if the spot needs to be removed, then there are several different ways for this:

  • A mixture is prepared with a solution of potassium permanganate and 70% of vinegar essence. This mixture is applied to the line and left for a few seconds. Under action of these substances, picture will turn pale, and then disappear, leaving a stroke marks and splotches after it. They are removed with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Prepare a mixture of citric acid and oxalic acid. 10 g of this solution is added to 100 ml of water and applied to stains. Ink will begin to fade and disappear.
  • If stains are old, the procedure may need to be repeated several times. If Ralph Lauren wallpaper is thin, then do that carefully and keep watching change in color and structure of the paper top layer.

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