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public inquiry and financial compensation, racism, torture, illegal spying, mental health

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I was a victim of hate crimes by CSIS/RCMP/CSEC of illegal spying, illegal detention, bill C-51, human rights, mental health, psychological manipulation/biochemical modifications by media, national security agencies, local police, mental health, Canadians, private sector and government created a disability

unable to work for over 30 years full time due to my diagnosis with major medical problems and unable to pay medical bills due to basic benefits.  I was subjected to overt, systemic and institutional racism my whole life as well as sadistic torture which was electric shock treatment on my genitals and additional parts of my body which was sensitive.  This was done through mind control and witchcraft for many months which was extremely painful and draining.  Other local police departments tried to frame me for drugs, another said that we do not like visible minorities, we do not want them in our own town or on the force, I was accused of being a serial rapist by female which is totally false because I have never been with a women in my whole life and never had a girlfriend in my whole because I am black man and women in the 1980's did not like black man on university campuses educated with employment status.  I was drugged by undercover police officer which led to superhuman strength.  He wanted me to discuss the police of the Toronto Police department in 1989 and said that he will give me everything that I wish for in life.  I said no when to the washroom came back and finish my drink and left the hotel and that when I went out of control.  I had a nervous breakdown in 1989 arrested under the mental health act naked and taken to hospital for psychiatric assessment locked up in solidary confinement given injections and forced to take medication.  I took the hospital to a medical review board hearing and discharged 2 weeks later homeless with no information on public assistance or social housing.  On November 1st 1989 I was supposed to have a hearing with the Ontario superior court of justice with my lawyer but unable to communicate with my lawyer due to be heavily medicated and brain damage and it was dismissed for another time but never got around to it.  In 1987 I was approached by RCMP and they told me to apply to CSIS as a CSIS Agent because I was qualified to do so.  I applied in 1988 and my life was nothing but a nightmare for over 30 years including today.  CSIS was treating me like a terrorist as if I was a direct threat to national security.  I filed a complaint SIRC the watchdog for CSIS and they told me that my file is top secret in 1989.  I want a public inquiry and financial compensation.  I want justice.

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