Amend Bill C-71 to let Canadian sport shooters thrive.

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Canadian firearms owners, are strong supporters of gun control, and we absolutely support legislation that helps keep our sport out of the hands of criminals, but it has become difficult to enjoy recreational activities like competitive sport shooting (target practice, 3-gun competitions and IPSC) in part because of the strict limitations on firearms. 

It is commonly known that Canadian firearm owners are extremely scrutinized and, in keeping with good gun control, firearms permits are not given to citizens that are deemed not trustworthy enough to follow the law, this is especially true with regards to restricted firearms.

Restricted firearms are:

  • only allowed to be operated on ranges,
  • already require authorization to transport,
  • are owned by some of the most vetted law abiding citizens in the country.

In light of these facts, and with the precedent set by the handgun magazine capacity limit of 10 rounds already found on ranges across Canada, we would like the government of Canada to raise the magazine capacity of restricted firearms on ranges from the current 5 rounds to 10 rounds. This change would make competitive shooting a more viable sport for Canadians. IPSC and 3 gun sport shooting requires larger than 5 round magazines to perform competitively. Shooting sports are growing in popularity, and encourage a safe, legal and above all safe use for firearms.

Such a change would go a long way to ensure that law abiding Canadian gun owners and sport shooters do not feel victimized by legislation aimed at criminals, and would pose no additional safety risk because restricted handguns already have 10 round limits and are already present on the same ranges as the rifles that are currently limited to 5 rounds.

I hope that you will agree with us, forward these concerns and amend C-71 in a way that helps Canadians feel safe on the streets, while also allowing legal sport shooting activities to thrive. Please do not let criminals victimize us and take away our sport.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this change.