Raleigh NC Reparative Justice Resolution

Raleigh NC Reparative Justice Resolution

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Why this petition matters

Started by Deborah Bromiley

We need your support! The Human Relations Commission will present a Reparative Justice Resolution to the Raleigh City Council.  The resolution is below. Please sign the petition as soon as possible, to show strong community support!  (We are not soliciting funds for this effort.)  We are waiting to hear a date for this to be presented to the Raleigh City Council.


Whereas, African and African-American persons have been
unjustly enslaved, lynched, segregated, and incarcerated;

Whereas, African-American persons have experienced housing
discrimination by government agencies, banks, and the private real
estate market, through redlining, steering, blockbusting, denial of
mortgage loans, urban renewal, gentrification, and more;

Whereas, African-American communities have been harmed by the
health effects of environmental racism, including the
disproportionate location of industrial, dump, and toxic waste sites
in African-American neighborhoods;

Whereas, African-American persons have been harmed by economic
disinvestment in their communities by banks and grocery stores,
creating food deserts and lack of access to key services;

Whereas, African-American persons have experienced
employment discrimination, restricted opportunities, and wage
disparities in the local economy regardless of credentials and

Whereas, African-American businesses and communities have
suffered from a disproportionately low share of economic
development funding;

Whereas, African-American students have been educationally
marginalized through the history of segregated, unequal school
systems, and a persistent achievement gap due to underinvestment,
discriminatory disciplinary practices, and exclusion from academically
gifted, advanced placement, and honors classes;

Whereas, African-American communities suffer from a history of
inadequate and detrimental health care as exemplified by
disproportionate morbidities and mortality rates resulting from the
generational trauma of white supremacy, discriminatory treatment by medical professionals, medical deserts, involuntary sterilizations, denial
of adequate testing, preventive and curative procedures;

Whereas, African-American persons have been targeted by the
criminal justice system through racial profiling, police brutality,
inadequate legal representation, prosecutorial misconduct, unjust
rulings, harsh sentencing, and barriers to reintegrating into society;

Whereas, local, state, and federal governments have a moral and
practical obligation to adopt policies, develop programs, and allocate
funding to redress demonstrable harms to African-Americans to which
those governments have contributed;


The City of Raleigh

1) Apologizes for Raleigh’s past participation in, enforcement of, and
benefiting from the enslavement of African and African-American

2) Apologizes for Raleigh’s enforcement of segregation and Jim Crow

3) Apologizes for Raleigh’s designing and implementing “urban
renewal” programs that destroyed multiple thriving
African-American communities in Raleigh;

4) Establishes a Racial Equity and Reparative Justice Commission,
to be comprised of 15 members that shall include residents of
Raleigh with expertise in anti-racism practices, to meet regularly
to identify and study Raleigh’s role in the historic oppression of
African and African-American persons through slavery and any of
Raleigh’s past acts, practices, and policies that discriminated
against African-American persons, including in the areas of
housing, economic opportunity, educational opportunity,
environmental harm, public health, and criminal justice; and to
propose policies to remediate identifiable harms stemming from
any past acts of discrimination by Raleigh against the
African-American community that the Commission identifies,
which are not inconsistent with the City Charter, North Carolina
General Statutes, or state and federal constitutions;

5) Calls on the Commission, with support from the City Manager and
the Office of Equity and Inclusion, to produce a report for the City
Council with findings and preliminary recommendations within
180 days of the passage of this resolution.

6) Will, within 60 days of the adoption of this Resolution,
establish a formal bi-annual review process to review and
assess the progress of work pursuant to this Resolution,
including engaging the public in feedback on these

7) Calls on public and private organizations and institutions
in Raleigh that have advanced and benefitted from racial
inequity to work cooperatively with the City to
comprehensively redress policies and practices of systemic
racism within their own structures and programs.

8) Calls on the State of North Carolina, the Governor, and
the North Carolina General Assembly to initiate
reparative justice policies at the state level.

567 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!