Remove Confederate statues in Raleigh

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Outside of our state capitol building, there are several statues honoring lives lost in several military conflicts. One statue in particular reads: “Honoring Our Confederate Dead.”. This monument was unveiled in 1895, and has been facing Salisbury St. ever since, despite controversies. 

Although the creators of the monument said it was for educational purposes, the meaning of its presence has evolved overtime. By refusing to remove the statue, the city of Raleigh and the state of North Carolina is standing behind a group which fought for the enslavement of blacks. Education about the Civil War can happen inside schools, and it should be taught that fighting for slavery is WRONG. This monument is disrespectful to the black community of North Carolina. Personally, even as a white person, I am embarrassed to live in a state that continues to blindly uphold racist values. 

Removing this monument will be an amazing step in the right direction for our state.