Keep Brookhaven Residential - Stop Rezoning of "Red Barn" Lot -5710 Glenwood/5209 Rembert

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Neighbors and Raleigh residents: the owner of the property at the entrance to Brookhaven located at 5710 Glenwood Ave (aka 5209 Rembert Drive) - often called the "Red Barn Property" because of the landmark red house previously on the lot - is attempting to rezone it for commercial use.

Specifically, the lot is proposed for construction of a large daycare housing 188 children.  Parents and other commercial traffic will enter and exit the daycare using Rembert Drive - a neighborhood street. We are very concerned about the entrance to our beautiful neighborhood turning commercial and the nuisances that brings to the residents and the entire neighborhood. 

We ask that the Raleigh City Council reject the rezoning of this lot from R-4 (low density residential) to OX-3 (office mixed-use) for the following primary reasons:

  • This lot is NOT comparable to other businesses on Glenwood.  Access to the lot is within Brookhaven on Rembert Drive.  No other commercial properties have frontage or access on Rembert Drive or elsewhere within the neighborhood.  
  • Traffic volume is expected at a level that is simply unacceptable for a neighborhood street.  With up to 188 children, the traffic impact analysis estimates an additional 600 vehicle trips per day on our neighborhood street.  The existing street and traffic light infrastructure are insufficient to support this extra volume, not to mention the safety hazard it poses with no existing sidewalks.  Other nuisances to the neighborhood include noise, lighting, water runoff, and deterioration of property values.  
  • The property owner is well aware of options to develop the lot while maintaining the existing residential zoning but instead is seeking rezoning for their own commercial gain.  In addition to building a well-buffered residence on the lot, the current residential zoning also allows for the construction of a smaller and more appropriate commercial or civic building while respecting the existing surrounding residential character.  Instead, the developer is proposing to build a daycare that is over three times the size of what should be allowed. 
  • The property is protected by a Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD) intended to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood.  The removal of the NCOD by the City sets a disturbing precedent of development for the 20 other NCOD-protected neighborhoods in Raleigh, which includes Glen Forest, Laurel Hills, North Hills, Five Points, and many more desirable Raleigh neighborhoods.  

We have numerous other reasons this rezoning should be rejected.  Please sign this petition to let the Raleigh City Council know that we will not stand for the deterioration of Brookhaven and the precedent this sets to other residential areas of Raleigh.