Publish a Yearly Voter’s Education Manual in Raleigh, NC

Publish a Yearly Voter’s Education Manual in Raleigh, NC

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Jordy BAENDE a lancé cette pétition adressée à Raleigh City Council

Dear constituents of Raleigh, NC

In light of George Floyd’s death and the events that followed, eliciting pain and frustration across the country, there is a nationwide demand for change. As such, we have decided to be that change by drafting this petition for the betterment of the city of Raleigh, its constituents, and its representatives. We want to create something that is tangible and that helps to alleviate the racial disparities that have been so intricately woven into voting and voting policy for hundreds of years. We believe that this is best done by universal voter education, irrespective of race, class, and status. We hope that this tangible yearly voter’s education manual will educate voters, elicit legislative change, and reduce racial disparities that have been brought to light as of late.

This manual will be beneficial for both the constituents and the officials who represent them. Voters will be well-equipped to cast an educated vote. City officials will be able to establish their stance with concision and clarity for their voters. This would also alleviate frustration with officials, as constituents would have no excuse not to know what it is they are voting for. This manual would be a concise, yet informative guide where voters can find all the relevant information needed to vote. While we hope that this can be expanded to other cities, state, and federal elections, local elections are more important than they may seem to the average citizen. In reality, it is the local elections, rather than federal elections, that affect the constituents the most. 


The manual will be distributed to every registered voter in the city and will include the following: 

1. A list of the local public office positions that constituents vote for: A description of their duties and responsibilities, term lengths, information about the previous people that held the position as well as policies that were implemented and relevant statistics under the previous person that held office.

2.  A list of the candidates running for the public office positions: Past office positions and candidacy history, platforms and brief stances on highly relevant and controversial topics including, but not limited to:

i. Criminalization of nonviolent offenders
ii. Legalization of marijuana
iii. Criminalization of hate crimes
iv. Affirmative action
v. Taxes
vi. Police brutality and finances
vii. Gun control
viii. Women's rights and abortion
ix. Property taxes funding public schools
x. Affordable Housing and gentrification


What we hope this manual will accomplish:

1. Increase voter turnout and ensure that ALL constituents of Raleigh are represented under their local government. 
2. Educate voters and ensure that people are voting for candidates with whom they are truly in alignment and who they believe is best suited for the position.
3. Prevent backlash from the community, as citizens will be held accountable to their choices having been properly informed of the stances of the candidates.
4. Increase transparency and the constituents’ trust in their local government.
5. Increase voter efficiency, as voters will be educated and prepared to vote well before they step into voting booths.


PS: Important public offices such as District Attorneys, superior court judges, judges of courts of appeal and sheriffs to name a few are all positions that elected by the people so it is time for us to be able to be able to have the information necessary to ensure that the right person is elected for the position!


Jordy Baende Eliko Etafe and Haley Wymbs

0 a signé. Prochain objectif : 500 !
Quand elle atteindra 500 signatures, cette pétition aura plus de chance d'être inscrite comme pétition recommandée !