Protesting against West Bengal Govt's move to change the name of the State

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We, the undersigned, are upset at the West Bengal Government's move to change the name of the State of West Bengal to BANGLA. We've serious reservations about the move which must be stopped forthwith. The Union Ministry for Home Affairs (MHA), we sincerely feel, must withhold the approval of the proposal for name-change as there is a suspected sinister design behind the name-change move.

The State of West Bengal shares a long international border with the sovereign country Bangladesh & hence any change in the name of the State of West Bengal in a line similar to the name of Bangladesh would necessarily create confusion in the international community about the propriety of the State of West Bengal being an integral part of the Union of India. The suggested name-change of West Bengal to Bangla should hence be rejected.

We're convinced that the bid to change the name of West Bengal is aimed at distorting the history of Bengal-a history replete with genocide, bloodbath of the Hindu Bengalis & the consequent partition causing untold miseries to crores of Bengali-speaking Hindus. It is a matter of concern that the name-change proposal has already been passed by the West Bengal Legislative Assembly.