Indian National Flag hoisting above all the colonial tourist places in India today!

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No doubt we are the children of colonial heritage. But we won't let it make us feel so in perpetuity. I visited Victoria Memorial in Kolkata and it felt me a deep grief to see the statues of King Victoria and her men standing there proudly. I was shaken to my conscience when I felt the deep pain Britishers had in every sphere of our lives. They, being foreigners, looted our kingdoms, destroyed our economy and indigenous industries, restricted our entry in the education sector, government, took the lives of Indian soldiers during World Wars, divided us into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, considered as racially inferior and put us as "White Man's Burden". I saw statues of farmers carrying sacks of foodgrains, heavier than their own weights, for paying lagaans to Britishers for growing crops in their own lands! Are such people's statues be so proudly erected in India? At the top of the Victoria Memorial was what they call statue of 'angel' of victory! To what are they celebrating victories of? Reigning us for 200 years?!

I plead my dear fellow Indians to support this petition and mandate the hoisting of Indian flag higher than any construction of theirs, so that our Indians sense a deeper respect within, that in spite of all colonial mishaps, it was our country, our land and our people who allowed them to stay.

Feel some real patriotism here inspite of the cinema halls!