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Evade Scammers who are devastating country India

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Any True Patriotic Indian would not want his country name being desolated because of  few scumbags who work as scammers.  This is not a story, its out there if you want to get a dirty sneak peek.

I am someone who frequently loves watching technical videos posted by many YouTubers.  While I was browsing through different videos, something related to Scammers video just popped up so out of curiosity I hopped on to it to see what's happening.  I found all those Scammer videos posted from many many YouTubers were warning people of how scammers try to fool gullible people and convince them to pay those hard earned dollars. People who fall for this are usually from countries like US, UK, Australia and many more so as to say. Scammers were calling all these people as either Microsoft support guy or IRS or CRS etc etc.

To my dismay all those Scammers are found to be from our Great country India, few of those YouTubers were able to find the locations as well.  These scumbags are working from some kind of Call Center located mostly in Kolkata, Mumbai, Somewhere in UP and Bihar.   I could not believe it, this was prevalent in our country.

Most YouTubers with at least 12K or more subscribers are posting those scam videos. Worst being all these subscribed people are forced to believe India is a country with full of Fraudsters and scammers. I could not read all the comments from those videos,  I am so very much offended that my country name is being devastated by my own fellow country men.

My sincere request to Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of External Affairs to look into this matter, find out those scam call centers and ban them forever. We have always been smart in the field of IT in genuine way and not like these scammers who are drooling just for money and desolating Country India's name. Jai Hind.

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