Declare Kerala Floods as National Disaster Now

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Dear Concerned Citizens of India, 

In spite of the fact, that people from all over the country and world, NGOs and corporates are trying to arrange and coordinate relief to the unprecedented floods in Kerala, it is not going to be adequate given the scale of damage that the floods have caused and its long term consequences with regard to rehabilitation and recovery. 

A preliminary estimate puts the damage at 8000 crores. The Kerala government had received at the beginning of the monsoon season 820 crores from the Centre. Now it has sought additional 400 crores from the National Disaster Relief Fund. So far the Central Government has proposed to release only another 100 crores. This brings the total funds released from Central Government to 920 crores only. 

The Central Government has not declared it to be a National Disaster on technical grounds which keeps the Central government agency of disaster management from providing its full weight to rescue and rehabilitation operations. 

It is not known why the Central Government has decided to take such a miserly and conservative stance with regard to this disaster. Therefore, it is crucial that apart from contributing to existing relief, an urgent demand is made to PMO and Home Ministry in order to declare this havoc as National Disaster so that the NDMA which is directly under this two offices can move swiftly to act.