Building a Special Unit of Police Force, For dealing with cases of violence against Women.

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In recent years, our nation has been unfortunate to observe crimes against women. It shakes the sanctity of our constitution  which enshrines Gender Equality. The Governments at all level have somewhat failed in protecting its Daughters. More than 3,30,000 cases are registered every year since 2011,and still some remain unregistered. Violence against women is practiced in the as if its no crime. In this contemporary Era, It's High time we make a safe Environment for Women in the Society.

Acts of Violence faced by women in our country are as follows-

  1. Murder- (Dowry death, Honor Killing, Female Infanticide etc.)
  2. Sexual Crime- (Rape, Insult to modesty, Forced Prostitution.)
  3. Domestic Violence and Inhuman Torture.
  4. Acid Attacks
  5. Abductions and forced Marriages.  

I request Hon'ble Government of India, to Install a Special Unit of Police force controlled by the Ministry of Home affairs. Which take direct actions against crime as the State police itself is insufficient for it. We cannot rely on the State Police, Seeing the Growing number of Rapes in the Country. This Force will help the Central Government to directly take actions for women Security and will Prevent further casualties.Every Age Group, every religion, every Lifestyle has experience the inhuman practice of Violence. The Time is for the state to teach morality to its citizen. Once the Country's citizens are secured,Only then can we protect the sovereignty of our Country.