Change Rape Laws for Long Term Solutions

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Today India is being smothered by criminal lawmakers and sexually uneducated youth to make it into a heaven for rapists. Yesterday it was Nirbhaya. Today its Asifa. Tomorrow it might be your daughter, sister, wife or mother, or your girlfriend. So it's high time we take things in our hands. After all, we live in an independent Democracy. We are responsible for the laws that govern us. We should actively participate in the government, because complaining about whats not right isn't enough.

I have some suggestions to the government, that if implemented, may solve this problem for decades to come. This is not a mere suggestion, but a well planned solution to the preaent context. I hope you all will agree with me and help me to take this solution to the Parliament.

  1. Make Sex Education a compulsory subject at schools: Most of these people, if not all, are sexuality uneducated adults. They have a repulsive mindset about sex. Ask them about it in normal times, and they will finch. They don't respect, neither do they understand the beautiful design of God's creation. They think that sex is something special, out of the ordinary and should not be talked about. Changing this mindset will educate the old and the young enough to talk about it. Children will talk to their parents about assaults on them. Mothers will talk to their kids and make them educated enough to understand what a man or a woman intend by looking at her actions. Not talking about sex isn't a virtue. SEX EDUCATION OF ALL JUDGES IS A MUST. Without proper sex education, no judge, irrespective of his age and experience, will be allowed in a rape hearing.
  2. Establish rape fast track courts, and recruit young and open minded judges: The old people of this nation aren't equipped enough intellectually to decide these cases. I came to this conclusion when I heard a grey haired person say, "Why should girls wear short clothes? They are provocative". Most of the old men in this nation find it more convenient somehow to blame a girl rather than to address the real problem. That's why they often forget to build the character of their boys.
  3. Rape cases once filed, can never be withdrawn: Irrespective of what compensation you get, rape cases can NOT be withdrawn. 
  4. It is illegal for a police officer not to take an FIR: Not taking an FIR would result in immediate dismissal of an officer from duty.
  5. If any lawmaker has a rape case pending against him, he must be termed unfit for office: Until a rape case is cleared, an accused can not be a lawmaker.
  6. A rape case filing will start with a lie detector test. A proper questionnaire must be set. Most important questions would be "Did the Girl or Boy who was raped, say "NO". 
  7. What clothes the girl was wearing, is no context: If someone is not wearing an abdomen guard, you have no rights to kick his balls. If someone is not walking on a footpath, you can not run him over. If someone is not wearing a helmet all the time, it doesn't give you the right to bash his head. Similarly, if a girl is wearing a short clothes, it doesn't give you the right to access her private parts.
  8. A rape case proceeding will be held in a closed court: Lawyers use the open court to shame the girl with words which is intimate and is improper to say out in public. 
  9. The lawyer can't tag a girl prostitute, even if she is one: Even if a prostitute get's raped, a crime has happened. She is an Indian Citizen and has voted in the elections. The pays taxes for products she buys and the government feeds the army and builds roads with that prostitution money. Whether the girl is a prostitute or not is no context in a rape case. RAPE IS A CRIME.
  10. In a rape case, juvenile laws don't apply: If you are mature enough, you consider yourself an adult. If you are adult enough to rape a girl, you will be judged like an adult in court.
  11. If a police officer is accused of not taking accepting FIR under any circumstances, immediate suspension and thereby removal from duty: We pay the police from our tax money. The ministers don't. If we are paying for protection, we must get it. There are no lack of honest men wanting to serve the nation as a police officer. If an officer is not accepting an FIR, immediate suspension is needed.
  12. Set up an independent appellate authority to oversee police actions, which would not be reporting to any minister: The police and the ministers are public SERVANTS. So there must be an independent authority who tracks their service. 
  13. Public Execution in case of RAPE being proved: This might be a medieval punishment, but so is rape a medieval practice. So if a practice like rape has place in modern world, then a practice like public execution must also have same place.
  14. Instant police custody for people who treat a rape victim bad on pretext of her history, thereby he/she must be produces in the same rape fast track court and do a jail term of 3 months
  15. If any near kin of a lawmaker (Up to first level of family hierarchy) is accused of rape and the lawmaker doesn't make a public statement of No Association with the case, The lawmaker will be suspended from parliament till case is resolved. Thereafter if the crime is proved, there will be a permanent Ban. If after the public statement, if any association of the lawmaker is found with the case, a PIL will be filed against him and an instant resignation will be sought. The only immunity of the lawmaker will be a public statement and compliance with the same.
  16. If a false rape case is filed, the accuser must face a minimum imprisonment of 5 years and compensate the accused.
  17. Even a Boy can be Raped: No discrimination in grounds of boys and girls on grounds of rapes. A lie detector will give a judge a start to what is the case. So it would be an easy decision.
  18. In case of Rapist being supported by a mob, it must be considered a violent protest and instant deployment of RAF is needed. 
  19. Public harassment of couples by Police on pretext of rape laws is illegal and may result in immediate suspension. If a boy and a girl files a complaint against any police officer in any police station about moral policing, the police inspector should be suspended for abuse of power until further inquiry. After they file a case, the case must be transferred to the independent appellate authority overseeing police actions. You are there to stop rapists, not lovers. 
  20. A citizen stopping a rape will be rewarded a National military award: Protecting our sister, wives, mothers, girlfriends and any fellow citizen is our duty. Not doing that is cowardice. If a person puts himself into a situation like this, he must be applauded by the division in charge to protect us from all internal and external threats, the Military.

With this I would end my petition. If you agree to my views, please share it so that this reaches the concerned authorities. I am a supporter of Digital India, Shining India, Make in India, Startup India and the whole 9 yards. I want India to be a military and Scientific superpower. But all will be a waste if we don't have the balls to take the necessary steps required to save your fellow citizens. Please help me to get this done. Thank you in advance.