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Manifesto 2019 General Election

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For betterment of life in the country

1. Better relations with neighboring countries.

2. No distinction of minorities or majority, all to be treated equally as Indian Citizen

3. More budget allocation for Education and Health

4. Families of those who have enjoyed the benefit once should be treated as unreserved so that really deprived get the benefit  

5. Emphasis to develop scientific temperament

6. Freedom of thought, speech, food and attire

7. Tolerant society, for which we are famous

8. Orderly proceedings in Parliament and State Assemblies

9. Rooting out corruption at lower level, which affects the common man

10. Reservation for women in various fields and their protection

11. Establishing Cottage industries at village level

12. Bio-gas plants in villages as well as cities

13. Encourage Research and Development

14. Conservation of Environment

15. Instead of exporting raw ore, manufacture the end product which should be exported.

16. Revive non-alignment movement, SAARC, NAAM.