RAJINIKANTH - Now or Never

RAJINIKANTH - Now or Never

8 January 2021
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Started by S Prem Kumar

Dear Thalaiva,

We hope you're getting better, healthy and safe now. We love you so much that we respect all your decision and want to see you happy and healthy. 

At the same time, this political fire was initiated by you. We all know how degraded our government system. Corruption, cheating, money and muscle power in every sphere of life in TN. We need change which is possible only through you. 

We understand that politics is not easy and it may impact your BP and health negatively. But you know everything. We learnt from you that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. 

As you said, instead of political party, you may set up a corporate company. You may create group of board of directors to take all decision under your supervision just for name sake. 

Trust us, we are not going to leave our current job for political revolution. Politics is no longer going to be business or source of income. Hence, it will not impact anyone even if we lose in election. If you could emerge as king maker, you may bring at least some changes to the system. 

Again, we respect your decision but with 21st century technology, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! 



This petition made change with 181 supporters!

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