Remove Internet Speed Restriction

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In near future world will start to use 5g internet. We the students of Marwadi University Hostel are not even getting the speed of 250KBps. Students need internet for daily purpose but here we have to wait entire day to download single software. Many students have different passions and at some point they need internet. There are many future developers and explorer in our hostel with brilliant mind and impressive ideas. But they are at some point facing the basic need of internet.We use many heavy software like multisim , photoshop or cad which we have to download but are not able to do it with such pathetic bandwidth. And not only educational software, many student have passion for other things like streaming. Also many online courses are not working properly with this speed.

This is a very serious matter and we need you to look into this. Please remove the bandwidth restriction or at least increase it so that we can download software with super fast speed.