No Justification for wrong || Improve Tree house high school overall functioning.

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Dear Parents,
This Petition is all about having good experience of our children at Tree House high school Virar . I would like to raise some common question about functioning of school such as...
1) Lot of parent are facing issue with teachers getting changed very frequently which in-turn effects our kids as they need time open up to new teacher etc.
2) Improper charges of fees for external examination which is done by school itself for which we have already paid.
3) There is someones child who was badly treated by teacher as teacher has thrown duster on child.
4) Sanitation facility of school is not upto the mark, Kids are not getting proper assistance while using washroom( small kids needs this atmost)
5) Curriculum meeting with parents not shared .. No PTA has been decided we need have the rights to decide the PTA members who can address our issue with management.
6) The tree house mobile app is not getting all the activity as earlier except notification for fees and fine which will be imposed if you are late with your payment.  
7) Parents needs to have proper communication which is failing from school
8) We are only receiving false promises and commitment form the school.
9) Parent needs to know if the staff is qualified who all are teaching our children
10) Teachers needs to be have trainer as promised by school.
11) We do not have Vice principal to have better grip on these issues..
12) This year some kids exam got postponed due to non completion of syllabus 
13) Computer lab only 8 to 10 pc working rest all showpiece.
14) Teachers n staff leaving very frequently due to non payment of salaries for 2 to 3 months
15) Digi app 1100/- paid in March no updates.
16) No proper coordinator available to look after academics for primary.Teachers trainer not available

These are common problem faced by most of the parent in the school..

Parents this is foundation stage of our children we need to establish good connection with the authorities of the school to get all this issues resolved. If this things keeps on happening you can understand what kind of future we are preparing our kids for.. we need to stand with our children they need to have good eduction in safe and healthy environment.

I urge all parent to sign this petition so it reaches the management and they improvise.

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