3-months obligatory paid paternity leave for men

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While people are grateful for the one-week paid paternal leave fathers receive, their world would be a different place if they got to watch their child grow up in front of their eyes. Not just the child, but their respect and their partner’s career too.

As fatherhood is every man's right, parenting the child properly is their responsibility too. Not just mother's.

We must understand that just like bread-winning is no longer a role limited to one gender, same is true for caregiving. Its responsibility and benefits must extend to both the parents. This means that both parents must get at least 3 months of paid parental leave along with a few double days.

There's discrimination against men in workplaces. Let's champion the cause of fathers with as many hands and voices as possible. Men deserve as much parental bliss as mothers do.

We talk of equal rights, equal pay. Let's raise the issue of equal love, equal care too.

Sign the petition and show that you stand with the new parents and support them fully in their new journey.

MP Rajeev Satav is taking this to Parliament as Paternity Benefit Bill 2017 But we have not seen any news on that. Let's see a change in that.