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Suggestions for Indian National Congress Manifesto for 2019 Loksabha Elections

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The one burning issue is joblessness. Two and a half decade of jobless growth is a matter of serious concern. 

There are reportedly around 62 lakh vacancies in the central , state , and security agencies as well as railways.

My suggestion is to fill atlesst 50 percent of these by 2024 but keeping in mind the fiscal constraints and resources .The jobs according to class, I II III and IV, or cadre must be contractual with pf and gratuity as per existing rules applicable , and must be on fixed salary for the first five years .With security of job ensured. To be reviewed after five years. This will create demand thereby creating avenues for more job creation.

2 Each mandal headquarters must have a cold storage for Agri produce and one food processing unit.

3 Depending on requirement and demand procurement of produce must be liberal and atleast 50 percent of all commodities must be procured by the state. And export curbs should be minimum and reviewed from time to time by  constituting a separate board. Inflationary constraints should not come in the way of higher prices for Agri commodities , 4 to 6 percent is not high,  and a lower inflation favors the urban middle class while hitting at the living standards of farmers, especially the poor and marginalised farmers.

FRBM need not be followed at the cost of farmers income 

4 Farmers cooperatives, and STCs must be given preference in export of Agri products and then only private sector. This will remove middle men and ensure good income to the farmers

5 Beef trade amounts to a whopping 25 k crores as of now. We are second heading eexporters. Dalit Muslim cooperatives must be formed in each district and state of the art abbotiers must be built and atleast 50 percent of beef exports must be licensed to these cooperative abbotiers. The Tamilnadu cattle protection and beef ban law is a time tested effective one and must be adopted throughout the country. This would pull crores of dalits and Muslims from the brink and a mechanised, tech enabled beef production and trade would remove the stigma attached, ensure livelihood , and ensure export earnings and address the issue new problem due to the unscientific ban on cow slaughter affecting crores of farmers and the upkeep and problem of stray cattle. 

5 Dissent is the sine qua non of any vibrant liberal democracy. The archaic , colonial sedition law must be scrapped lock stock and barrel and any violation of laid down laws must be dealt with other laid down laws under the CrPC and IPC and other acts.