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Begging free India

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The child in photo belongs to Agra ;  Photo can be searched on net ,picture clicked by tourist Grey Younger.Photo might be old but scenario is still same.

   Be it big cities or small ones , we can easily spot small children begging on streets and at public places. Some work to fed their family and taking full responsibility of their household .

My heart aches when I see future of India spoiling their childhood.Its not like begging is the need of everyone .In Agra ,rajamandi market where I go for shopping children grab my hand and ask for money to eat stuff .When I enquired about their school ,they ran away.Many families has made begging quite a profession . Observing closely I don't really think that begging is only option they have .Their jobs are less earning and children are motivated to beg than to other options.

Some NGO in various part of country try to teach them and government schools as well.But these families have lack of motivation , untill we completely remove this begging system ..we can't remove the tag of poverty from India.

In Gurgaon also the temple I used to go for worshipping, lot of children who were actually students came for begging instead of going to their schools.Also ,some underage children work to fed their family .

I propose following solutions :

1) Begging to be completed abolished not to let it grow as business for people .

2) . Government to spot beggers and children who are upholding the responsibility of their family. Support them financially .Just not encourage them but also analyse  their progress and status time to time.Skill India and other mission are here but they lack awareness of it . This group of people is completely untouched by any schemes as we can see.

3.)For the helpless people like abandoned old people and children , specially abled people.They should also be taken respective old age home , orphanage.And conditions of these places must be checked time to time.

4.) Awareness program dedicated for these people.

Lastly , I would like to thanks BJP and Rajeev Chandrashekhar to invite me fo hearing my "Man ki Baat"