JEEMains Paper 2 Drawing Paper- question paper printing wasn't done in an effective manner

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Request for providing full marks to all students for Question 1(a) of JEE Mains Paper 2, 2018 Drawing Question Paper.

Typically, the JEE Mains Paper 2 format of examination contains three set of dockets handed over to the students appearing for the written test.
• The first docket consists of the Math and Analytics question set.
• The second docket consists of the drawing question set.
• The third docket contains the OMR sheet, in which the students have to mark their answers.

For the JEE Mains Paper 2 2018 examination, it was found that the drawing docket had three questions (however, the instruction sheet stated it has two questions);

  • Question 1 had two sections 1(a) and 1(b) and
  • Question 2.

While the Question number 1(b) and Question2 were clearly visible in the question docket, but the Q 1 (a) was hidden (yes literally hidden) behind a paper flap which was glued to the first page of the docket. The piece of paper was supposedly put in there for the students to write in their details viz. name, roll number, center number etc.

Many students have missed responding to this Q 1(a) altogether, purely due to its uncanny and unnatural positioning in the question booklet.
It is not known as to why the question was placed obscurely in the booklet- either to save paper or with some other intention; but this is definitely not a way to prepare an examination booklet at this level of examination where thousands of students prepare for such examinations and many career aspirations depend on them.
This is a sure case of deception on question paper setting from a usability point of view. The question paper printing wasn't done in an effective manner at all.

I would request CBSE to acknowledge this on behalf of many students who ahve attended this exam and grant full marks to all students for Q 1 (a) on the grounds of Benefit-of-doubt!