Justice for Himanshu Dharmshaktu! URGENT NEED for CBI enquiry.

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On 24th November, 2017 my brother in law Himanshu Singh Dharmshaktu was lost in Mehat Gaon, District Almora, Uttarakhand. He had gone there to attend a wedding reception upon request from his friends. He was last seen that night at 9:30 PM. His family was informed of his missing the following day, 25th November at 3:30 PM following which an FIR was reported to the police. However the police had not responded in time and the five suspects who took my brother in law to the wedding reception were not seriously questioned even going to the extent to inform us that they had tracked Himanshu’s mobile phone to be active in Delhi.  We didn’t believe the police story of Himanshu running to Delhi without informing anybody. On 26th November we along with our relatives went to Mehat Gaon to enquire and search for Himanshu.

            On November 27th , 2017 it was confirmed by Almora police that his phone’s last trace was near Mehat Gaon, Almora instead and the early Delhi trace was a false surveillance report. We requested the police to question the five suspects (the friends who had taken my brother in law to Mehat gaon) but the police replied to us that they are innocent and that my brother in law is probably drunk and roaming around in district Almora. On November 28th 2017 we came to know that the Police had not registered the FIR so we visited the police station to request to file the FIR. It was also only after our repeated requests that a dog squad was called upon at the scene of his missing at Mehat Gaon on the morning of November 29, 2017. It took the dog squad just 20 minutes to discover my brother in law Himanshu’s body, lying dead near the cliff beneath the road barely 200 metres from the place of reception at Mehat village by the banks of River Kosi that too at the place where we had already checked on November 26th , 2017 and no dead body was there at that time.

           Upon discovering the body, SSP Almora Miss Renuka Devi visited the spot and called upon the forensic team. Post mortem was done the same day at 3:30 PM which claimed that Himanshu had died due to a head injury and drowning and that the time of death was anywhere between 24 to 48 hours from the time of post mortem.    

Despite our repeated requests to be strict upon the five suspects who had taken Himanshu to the wedding the police has not interrogated them properly due to political pressure as one of the suspect is a Student Union Leader in Almora. The police is trying to convince us that Himanshu’s death is not due to murder but it was an accident. However the police is unable to give a satisfactory explanation when we tell them that the post mortem report suggest that he had died 24 to 48 hours before the time of post mortem. Had it been an accident his time of death would had been more than 96 hours in post mortem report.

Therefore, we request you all to please sign this petition. We want justice for Himanshu and his family. We want a proper CBI enquiry into this case as we feel that the police is not handling the case professionally and is also unable to function properly due to political pressure. We want justice and a fair investigation into this case.