Raising awareness of ME/CFS and trying to stop discrimination

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My son suffers from ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and is sometimes very poorly, incredibly fatigued and has restricted movement and at others times he is absolutely fine and able to get into school and have good days. His attendance hasn’t been great this year because he’s had bad colds and tummy upsets and his ME has caused him to need to stay home. 

Jamie has been looking forward for more than a year to go on a school ski trip to Italy and although he knows he might struggle with energy at times he is still desperate to attend.  

This petition is not only representing Jamie but all students (children, teenagers and adults) throughout the country who suffer from this horrendous condition.

Excluding pupils from school trips or outings as it’s “inconvenient” for the teachers is a blantant disregard under the Equality Act 2010.  The act states it is unlawful for schools and local authorities to discrimate against disabled pupils. The Act includes duties to make sure disabled pupils are not treated less favourably than other pupils and schools generally have to make sure that disabled pupils can play a full part in school life as possible which includes going on school trips.

Whilst I am starting this petition because I believe Jamie’s school in the Northwich area are discriminating against my son and this is affecting his mental well-being as well as his physical symptoms, I am also a member of a Facebook group for parents with children suffering from ME/CFS and this type of discrimination against our children is happening in schools and colleges all over the country.

Like the Heads Together campaign which has been successful in raising awareness for mental illnesses, I am starting this petition to raise awareness for the discrimination of an illness that affects many children, teenagers and adults. Suffers of ME/CFS may not always be well and their attendance at school, college or work will be lower than the average person but they should be given the same opportunities as able bodied people and this includes students not being excluded from school trips or outings.

Please help me by signing this petition and raising awareness for children, teenagers and adults who face a daily battle to be accepted into the School, college or work population when they are well and be given consideration when they are unwell without made to feel they are being discrimated against. 

Thank you

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