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Raise a William Washington Browne Monument & More Black Monuments in RVA!!!

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My Name is Haki Kweli Shakur of The New Afrikan Independence Movement / Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement We The People Want to See William Washington Browne , Gabriel Prosser and John Mitchell Jr Just to Name A Few to receive black monuments ( Statues)  And other Great Black Virginians to Have Black Monuments Raised Up in The Commonwealth of Virginia Specifically in Richmond Virginia where the history is profound and great, Specifically our struggle against oppression , slavery , racism, capitalism and poverty , I believe this is the right time with the confederate controversy going on to start this conversation and move forward a more diverse virginia and Richmond, two people I have in mind is William Washington Browne and Gabriel Prosser two great black Virginians who combated and fought against all those things I named! William Washington Browne Deserves to Be memorialized he founded the first African American Bank in History, Escaped Slavery, Fought for The Union Army , Stood Against The KKK, A Model of Excellence We Believe Raising Black Monuments will bring a diverse and more equal symbolism to Richmond and Virginia and the people of Virginia will benifit tremendously! 

William Washington Browne  ( October 20 1849 - Dec 21 1897 ) 

Born into bondage on a Georgia plantation, William Washington Browne rose from slavery to build a business empire , The history of The Savings Bank of the Grand Fountain United Order of True Reformers tells a fascinating story about the struggles and triumphs of a former Georgia slave who founded the first ever black-owned bank in America. Founded in 1888 by Reverend William Washington Browne, the bank opened the very next year with deposits on the first day totaling $1,269.28

Reverend William Washington Browne established the bank to serve the financial interests of Black depositors. He wanted a bank that would serve to protect the finances of Black clients to ensure their finances could not be monitored by whites.

The name of the bank came from the Grand Fountain United Order of True Reformers, a Black fraternal organization established by Browne in 1849. Racial tension remained high after the Civil War, so Browne established the first Black-owned bank in Richmond, Virginia, which initially operated out of his home. Two years later, the bank moved to its location several blocks away at 604-608 North Second Street.

Rev J.L. Cohron stated ” I Represent a Body of Black Men and Women That Constitutes the greatest organization in the United States and as Brother Kyles Said that Virginia was the mother of States and Presidents in Accepting this hearty welcome We Say that Virginia is not only the MOTHER States and Presidents of these United States but she is the Mother of the First president of the first Successful Negro Bank! "

W.E.B. Du Bois characterized Browne’s Fraternal Organization as “Probably the most remarkable Negro organization in the country.” Young African Americans Entrepreneurs would do well to study Brown’s successes and failures – yet little is known of him or his organization.

The Savings Bank of the GFUOTR was incorporated in Virginia on March 2, 1888 and in 1892 the real estate department was established. By 1900 they owned 15 halls, 3 farms, 2 dwellings, 1 hotel and leased 14 halls. Total value of property was $223,500. In January 1893 they began publishing a bimonthly newspaper. Eventually it became a weekly and by 1900 had a circulation of over 8,000. In 1893 they began fund raising for Old Folks Homes. In 1897 they purchased a farm near Richmond for $14,400 for the first home




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