"Rainbow Warriors" Stay away from The Black Hills of South Dakota! ~ U.U.W.S ~


"Rainbow Warriors" Stay away from The Black Hills of South Dakota! ~ U.U.W.S ~

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Note: To Rainbow Warriors..From U.U.W.S.
June 11, 2015 at 7:38pm

  So we get the info (Late) that the “Rainbow Warrior” Tribe or whatever you call yourselves “I really don’t care” were planning to come to the Black Hills! On a personal note I have no issues with your group! It’s a free world as long as you don’t push your ways on mine! And you did! We knew you had a meeting coming up on the 17th to decide where this event would take place! I may or may not show up!

 A racist? I don’t think so; I just don’t like your White is right mentality! After reading hundreds of comments from Rain bow pages, I ask! Who is the racist? All we did is asked that you honor an agreement from years past that you made with our people! Stating you would not do this unless invited! And you attacked right off! You’re not different from those invaders who came and overed on our land, disrespected our people, killing most of us off and imposing your belief system on us! The only difference now is your not killing our people!

 We don’t want your drugs, alcohol, Nudity, using parts of our spirituality in your rituals!, your free love, your lingo, your fashions, etc..We have our own!
Finding a couple skins on the reservation to welcome you don’t work! There are those “loaf around the fort Indians” who sold the rest of us out back then and still doing it today! If they are who you say they are! Why haven’t they spoken up, in your defense? They know how to contact me or others and they haven’t said a word! What’s that tell you!

So you say you are peaceful and respect our Lakota people? You haven’t shown any respect! Remember respect is earned not demanded! For those of you who claim to be leaders! Lead by example! If not then you people are no different than a bunch of sheep! And no different from those who invaded our lands from the East.

 I will say this! I have met a bunch of you and do find some of you to be legit! Friendly and supportive to those I offer an apology for my aggressiveness & language! but that’s what it took to get your attention.”The greasy wheel gets the grease” As far as the rest of you who show no respect! You can burn in hell for all I care! I can handle it and encourage it! Bring whatever you think you got! Not saying I would win or lose but I will stand my ground! No matter what! We have no fear! 

So in closing all we are asking is to take your event somewhere else! Your ways are not ours and we don’t want to share our ways with you “Spiritually” I have no problem excepting some of you as friends! Or standing with you on political or environmental issues! But I am a Lakota! You are not us and we are not you! Respect that! Stop imposing yourself on us! If you want us to respect you as you are then respect us as we are!

 James “Magaska” Swan, Founder

United Urban Warrior Society

P.O. Box 14

Rapid City,SD 57709-0014




This petition made change with 2,789 supporters!

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