Demands for Mamamoo to receive better treatment and juridical support from RBW

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Regarding the past events of July 25th, the Mamamoo fandom has collected demands directed to Rainbow Bridge World, in order to protect not only the idols' physical and mental health, but also their integrity and honor. An email will be sent to the presidential board in order to discuss the following requests:

1. Educate, through classes, all the employees about the subjects of racism, cultural appropriation and their historical issues and why it is harmful to people of colour; 

§ Regarding the given growth of kpop industry worldwide, it has become of extreme importance to understand, study and respect different cultures; 

§ Mamamoo is recognized to be a big group outside asian countries, therefore, it’s necessary for those involved in their management to comprehend the fans’ diverse cultural expressions and do not reproduce it in any circumstances. Dancers are included in this responsibility.

2. Protect Mamamoo and their members from defamatory and prejudicial content, with the possibility of taking extreme legal measures in order to keep their safety; 

3. Check, monthly, their mental health status throughout providing easy access on mental health professionals; 

4. Public manifestations and statements for the measures that are being taken in order to create a coercitive environment for those who spread lies; 

5. Creation of a secure and open channel directly with the fans to communicate and share protective measures, such as complaints, delations and legal support; 

6. Faster response to the fans in subjects involving legal and safety concerns as well both Public Relations and Marketing team's actions.