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Pet Parents who need to travel by train are harassed no end. Their plans depend upon a random algorithm of the Indian railways booking system. 

You pay for a two tickets ,even if you're traveling alone. But the fact that you've paid for two tickets is no guarantee that you'll travel comfortably. Until the chart is prepared, which is a sharp 4 hours before travel you don't know if you ever got the coupe or have to share with A few nasty , uncompromising passengers. 

And good forbid,you've got to share a cabin- 4 seater compartment with these people,you'll have to depend upon their fancy,if you want to travel with a pet. 

This is the third time that I've not been allotted a coupe, despite having requested for one.  My co passengers are extremely nasty and uncompromising. Literally had to request them so many times and they could see that my 10 year old Lhasa Apso(who cannot travel by air because of airline regulations) is a gentle dog who doesn't trouble at all.... But they refused to budge. 

And I had to leave my poor dog with my old parents. 

When a passenger is traveling with a pet, he or she is willing to ensure they travel comfortably. One can understand people have genuine allergies,but mostly those who travel by AC1 think that they've bought the entire train. And just got a little discomfort of theirs they ensure that the poor pet dog or cat is subject to so much harassment. 

Pets cannot travel in the brake van with the TTE, because the vibration and the loud noise is difficult for the dog /cat to bear . Added to the distress of being away from the owner and in a state of constant motion, the journey will end up being problematic for the poor animals who can't express their pain and discomfort.

Please allow  for an extra charge to be made while booking tickets for a coupe or cabin, so the pet owner just needs to buy a ticket for his per from the parcel office. 

Make travel for pet owners easy please.