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Petitioning Railways, Airports in Tamil Nadu

Railways, Airports in Tamil Nadu: Implement Official language Act 1976 in Tamil Nadu.

Remove Hindi signage and announcements.
We would like to bring it to your attention, the Official language Act 1976, the rule that exempts Tamil Nadu from Hindi. We have noticed that Tamil announcements are conveniently skipped in airports and train stations in a state where Tamil is the only official language and where Tamils constitute about 90% of the state population. We wish to treat the speakers of every language 'equally and fairly'. We request you to implement the bilingual signage and announcements (Tamil and English) across the state. We believe that our request is within the law as defined in the 'Official language Act 1976'. Reference  no. 2 is clearly an attempt to impose Hindi on Tamil Nadu. 



Letter to
Railways, Airports in Tamil Nadu
Implement Official language Act 1976.