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Provide rate list with SMS and bill for food items served in Indian railways.

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Read protapta das article day before he mentioned about pantry scam in Indian railways. I boarded Ranikhet express on 15.02.2017 from jaipur to Del . Earlier article mentioned about tea price food price unauthorised hike in pantry. So I asked for tea it was inflated to rs 10 from rs 7. Later I purposely asked for dinner which the vendor (authorised by railway to give service) asked 120 rs. Since I was more skeptical about rates I tried a lot to grill vendor about rate list and any letter. But he insisted the same rate. Later manager of train pantry was called. He was asked the same. He bluntly first asked to complain for him in TTE presence. Later on after showing him the fear of complain he started apologising. Later as shown in video he he accepted how TTE and other help him for money chips namkeen etc. Later pantry manager accepted that plate cost which is 60 and we made him return the excess amount shown in video clearly. The calculation shown in protapta Das article sounds correct and it's giving a big blow to the Indian railway revenue. So I request you to please highlight this issue so that it will reduce such corruption in railway all over India and increase Indian railway revenue. Also it will contribute to good service and value of money to people. Thankyou for all your time 

link https://youtu.be/eF6OGN_YDks

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