Get more seats and reliability for passengers on Cross Country

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Fraser Pithie
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There is daily overcrowding on Cross Country train services, particularly between Birmingham and Reading, but also at times on the Cardiff - Birmingham Leicester services. Added to this is the ongoing farce of no Cross Country 'Voyager' trains being able to travel south-west of Exeter at High Tides and when there are gales because of sea water affecting the trains. The solution is to deploy additional and more resilient rolling stock. With InterCity125 trains being replaced by new Hitachi trains on both the Great Western Main Line and East Coast Main Line hundreds of Mark 3 coaches are coming off lease, being stored and are increasingly languishing in sidings. The Mark 3 coaches are considered to still be the most ambient railway carriage crucially with the most comfortable seats. The problems faced by the Cross Country franchise of not enough seats and sub optimal trains that don't like sea water could be addressed by the InterCity 125 stock being cascaded to the Cross Country franchise providing many more seats to deal with overcrowding, better seating and passenger accommodation as well as overcoming the sea water issue meaning that ALL Cross Country services south west of Exeter would not be disrupted by water ingress caused high tides and gales. The Cross Country franchise cannot access these idle trains now in store at Long Marston and Ely without permission and agreement from the Department for Transport (DfT) who hold all the cards. The DfT have been asked and requested by industry experts and parts of the railway media to make this happen but to date have failed to do anything. We want as many rail users/passengers to sign our petition to put pressure on MP's/politicians to make those at DfT sit up and listen and make the cascade of InterCity125 stock to Cross Country train services happen. If you agree that this should be done to end overcrowding on Cross Country train services and/or want a reliable Cross Country service south west of Exeter not affected by sea water then please sign the petition now.