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Commando Shymaraj EV, Retd                                                   11/2 Stavely Road

Mob No: 8765326857                                                                       Wanworie

Pune Cantt                                                                                        15 Jun 19



Railway Minister,

New Delhi.





               With due respect I would like to submit the following few lines for your

consideration and favourable action please:-


(a)             Kindly refer my letter dtd 5 Dec 17

(b)            I am a war casualty commando from Special Force, Indian Army. I am 100 % disabled due to spinal cord injury on wheel chair for last 16 years.

(c)             Again I am in front of you with story of my “Suffer in Sufer”. Differently abled passengers Coach ( Disability Coach) is compulsory for all the trains as the interior design of trains are in such a way that even in a II AC compartment a person on wheel chair cannot move freely.

(d)            In other coaches, if I have to travel means I have to lie down for the entire journey period and its so uncomfortable among other passengers to change dress, positioning etc….. For a disabled person a spacious disability coach with big washrooms make his journey comfortable. It’s the time to consider the Air Conditioning of Disability Coach, but where our humanity goes….Railway staff is very negligent to attach a disability coach to train. If you give this comfort to disable person, who is at lost???

(e)             When you are ensuring all other coaches are in place, why no one is bothered about even placement of a disabled coach???

(f)             We got authorized concession to travel in disability coach and who has the authority to deny????

(g)            I confirmed the availability of disability coach in Train no 22149 ERS Pune express one day prior to my journey from Kasaragod, Kerala. Even on the journey day 11 Jun 19, I enquired regarding the placement of coach. It was really shocking to me, when the train arrived in the station, no disability coach at all. How people can take so lightly, the query of a disabled person. I travelled sitting near the unhygienic toilet in sleeper coach S-11 from Kasaragod, Kerala . when train reached Mangalore I requested TT to upgrade my ticket of disable coach to sleeper class and grant me a seat. I tweeted to Railway minister and DRM officer to help me out.  I travelled nine hours of my journey on wheelchair sitting near toilet upto Goa. No response from Railway. Finally again I tweeted for my support to railway. At last from DRM office message was given to TT to issue a seat for me. As a spinal cord injured patient, you may not be able to imagine my suffering of 10h continuously sitting on wheel chair. This is not only suffering of one odd man, I saw so many differently abled passengers trying to catch sleeper coach, as there was no DIVYANG coach. They were not allowed to enter into the coach. Whose mistake ??? They all are with ticket of disable coach. How can be so inhumane towards differently abled persons???


(h)            Whom I will blame???? My disability or your humanity??????????????

(i)              As a PARA Commando I fought against terrorism, my sufferings force me to fight against injustice of Indian Railway towards divyang persons.


“We want at least two coaches in all trains for “DIVYANG” one in front and one in back, as the coach position is in extremities and disable person cannot get into the coach within 2 min to train"


(j)              Kindly do the needful. This battle will last until unless we get our demand fulfilled. Hope we will get assurance from railway minister ASAP.

                                                       Jai Hind

                                                                                         Cdo Shyamraj E V, Retd.

Copy To:

Prime Minister

Defence Minister

DRM Pune


Enclosures :

Ticket for a handicap,

Photograph of sleeper coach journey near toilet

Complaint to Station Superintendent Pune .

Complaint copy with acknowledgment

Twitter snaps