Charge same price for side upper and side lower births in AC 2 tier and AC 3 Tier

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Dear Railway Minister

The birth size, position etc of side Upper and Side Lower of AC 2 Tier as Well as AC 3 Tier are same . The only thing "extra" is perhaps a good for nothing "curtain". 

Compared to Upper and Lower lower birth of AC 2 Tier these side Births are less spacious and less comfortable. Most of the times these are allotted to us randomly without any choice and one ends up paying almost double the price of AC 3 tier for these births.

In my recent trip while travelling from Dehradun to New Delhi I could barely spread my legs in the side Upper birth of AC2.

I therefore request you to please

 Declare all side upper and side lower births of AC2 as AC3 or some other class of birth so that they are not randomly allocated to us and we don't feel cheated