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Respected Railway Minister,


I am Ex Commando Shyamraj E V from Para Special Force. I am a war disabled casuality due to spinal cord injury.  I am completely paralysed below chest.

My native place is Kasaragod, Kerala. Nobody can believe the sufferings what I have undergone in last ten days because of kind heartedness of Indian railway towards disabled persons.

I have been wheel chair bound since 2002. My wife is a serving officer in MNS, presently she is posted in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. No coach including AC coach, no space to take the wheel chair inside and wash rooms are not disable friendly. If I have to travel in train means somebody has to lift me and make me lie down on the berth throughout my journey and keep my wheel chair folded. I won’t be able to use wash room for the entire journey. How can I occupy other seats also during day time causing inconvenience to other passengers??? Once I travelled along with my family members in II AC that time all the six seats were booked for our use . No middle seat in II AC in between I was able to sit also on the berth. That day I decided if its possible try to avoid train journey because that is not suitable for wheel chair bound persons.

That time TTE suggested me that disability coach is there so you may be comfortable there. Once I travelled in differently abled coach  from Pune to Thrissur. I really felt in a good climatic condition it’s a luxury for disabled person like me because I can sit on my wheel chair during day time. Enough space is there for me to move out and even I can use wash room freely.

 I always prefer select private airlines for my trip to Kerala from Uttar Pradesh.   As I have to go to Pune in between I thought disability coach will be suitable for me in Nov- Dec as climate is also good.

22 Nov 16 : Journey from Kasaragod to Pune

When I reached Kasaragod station I got first shocking news : No differently abled coach is there in 22149, ERS Pune Express train. But authorities are kind enough to give me permission to travel from Kasaragod to Pune around 24h journey sitting in toilet side. As my physical condition may not permit me to accept their great concern then by road I moved from Kasaragod to Mangalore around 60 km  to get another train 12620, Matsyaganda express Upto Panavel. From Panavel I catched the same train which I was planned to travel from Kasaragod. I boarded in General coach compartment and finally reached Pune with swollen legs and landed with urinary tract infection as I was not able to empty my bladder also.

2 Dec 16: Journey from Pune to Uttar Pradesh

I learnt from my bitter experience , so in advance I enquired from railway authorities regarding availability of disable coach in 12103, PA Lucknow  express train. They told me either disable coach may be in front or back. But when the train reached,  from front to back I literally rushed to catch the coach. But every effort was in vane as no disable coach at all. As the railway station master  were so busy he was not able to give permission for me to enter into his office and listen to me...just scolded “TTE se pooch ke koi b dabba me chad jao”.  I heard  the “kooo...” siren of the  train just making fun  of me. When I approached Assistant Station Master he was reluctant to give me the complaint register..., but at last he guided me to go by 11077, Jhelum express up to Jhansi and try to get another connecting train to Lucknow.  He telephonically confirmed that no disability coach was there in Jhelum express too.  At last he tried to help me to reach Lucknow as I have to reach UP on 4 December 2016 to attend a marriage function. I entered the grievance in complaint register and then I rushed to catch Jhelum express.  I was not able to enter into sleeper class, I was totally exhausted and tensed, the Indian soldiers from army coach welcomed me to  their  coach and they tried to make my journey as much as comfortable as they can. But that journey was only up to Jhansi.

I boarded down in Jhansi at 1405h on 3 Dec 16 (World Disabled Day) and waited for connecting train to Lucknow. As usual inevitable reason 19165, Sabarmati express train was 2 hr late. Thank God...differently abled coach was there. First I wondered around 40 to 50 passengers were already sitting in that 2 berth coach for six persons. Somewhere already occupied the washroom also.  These many disabled persons...!!!!!!!!!! ??????? but there was no visible disability except one among them. When I was searching for help I saw some Railway Police Force also in that coach. When I approached them they told “Bhai thoda adjust karke bait jaavo“.  We have to salute Indian railway police also because they were also ready to understand the pain of disabled persons and travel along with them in disability coach...hahaha. So  with great difficulty without a place to turn my wheel chair I completed my ‘Suffer’ 10 hrs at and finally reached Lucknow at 0530h on 4 Dec 16(18.45 to 05.45) what I was supposed to reach at 1700h on 3 Dec 16 by PA Lucknow express.  I am grateful to all the co passengers who tried to understand the pain of a disabled paralysed person......coz nobody offers their seat to a disabled commando.  We say “differently abled” but please try to understand that we are not competent to face this much” sufferings during suffer”.

Disable persons on wheelchair  can’t enter into the normal coaches. Its our humble request plz pass on order to keep disable coach in all trains compulsory and ensure only disable persons will avail this facility.

On disabled day I am sharing my sufferings for all the disabled persons: please take care of your life.

Enclosures :

Ticket for a handicap,

Photograph of filing complaint  in Station master office of Pune,

Condition of disable coach

Railway police travelling in disabled coach with lots of luggage.


Thanking you Sir...


                                                                                               Ex-Commando Shyamraj. EV,

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‘Jai Hind’