Saving railroader's lives & Creating Efficiency

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                       Petition to the Association of American Railroads

The greatest challenge to the American railroad infrastructure is capacity: lack of it.

While main line capacity is easily quantified, rail terminal and yard capacity are as vital, if not more so.

Most yards and terminals were constructed at a time when the vast majority of freight cars were forty feet in length.  Today, most cars on our rail infrastructure are greater than 60 feet; more than 50 per cent longer.

Also, most rail freight yards are land-locked, with little or no room to expand. This will require the building of many new yards, at tremendous expense, unless a less-expensive solution can be found. 

Fortunately, a remedy has already been found, and it is based on older, already existing technology. The answer is “The Robotic Yard™”, a patented rearrangement of apparatuses that most railroaders are already familiar with.   

To see how “The Robotic Yard™” can add capacity, reduce costs of labor, rail car damage and lading, go to Youtube and view this link:

The most important aspect of this innovation is safer operations with a reduction in fatalities and injuries, but there are other important features as well.

·         Less detention time of rail cars in yard and terminals

·         Guaranteed coupling speeds of three miles per hour or less

·         Reduced supervisory cost

·         For major railroads, hundreds of millions of dollars in annual operating cost reduction

To interest the Association of American Railroad in investing in this patented technology, we are publishing a petition to all knowledgeable and concerned railroaders who want the best for the railroad industry. By signing our petition, you will keep our industry growing, alive and well.

Please sign the attached petition and display your thanks for all that our industry does.