Make Senhit host Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Make Senhit host Eurovision Song Contest 2022

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Lanciata da Fabio Santelli

Eurovision is one, if not the greatest musical event ON EARTH!

It’s full of lights, and glitters, and dancing performances, special effects, freakyness, colorfull dresses and of course, lots of drama!

And, therefore, what other better candidate than our beloved Freaky Queen SENHIT herself for hosting the show! But we need your help convincing them, because ‘SENHIT HOSTING EUROVISION 2022 NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

Just think about it! she has got mindblowing style, a sense of fashion, crazyness and charisma, she stands for the LGBTQ+ community, Italy is her nation, so she speaks both in italian and english perfectly, and she was committed to the show SO MUCH during last year with all her cover tributes. Let’s face it, every true fan loves her.

Regardless, I know I’m not alone. Senhit’s fans everywhere have been asking the same questions on her socials and now we finally have the chance to get what we want. Fans want Senhit to host the show. Eurovision needs Senhit hosting the show. Help us. Sign this petition. Let’s make Senhit host Eurovision 2022 official.

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768 hanno firmato. Arriviamo a 1.000.