SAVE the Trees of Rahway

SAVE the Trees of Rahway

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Petition to
Rahway Mayor Ray Giacobbe and City Council Members

Why this petition matters

PETITION TO: Save our Tree-lined Streets! 

To prevent the further decline of Rahway’s street tree population, we call upon our elected officials to promptly create a Tree Ordinance and form a Tree Board led by a Certified Tree Expert.

Dear Mayor Giacobbe and City Council Members,  

City records reveal that since 2002, Rahway has cut down approximately 2,000 more street trees than it has replanted. That’s a 33% decline in our street tree population in less than 20 years and many of our remaining street trees are in serious need of expert maintenance and care. 

Please support the Save The Trees of Rahway Organization’s goal to restock, rebuild and restore Rahway’s street tree population which will help reduce flooding and improve our community’s health, safety and property values.  

To accomplish this goal, our town needs to better implement the goals set forth in our very own 2017-2021 Rahway Community Forestry Management Plan. Further, and in order to comply with the Tree City USA’s two Primary requirements, we must immediately: 

#1. Establish a Rahway Tree Board made up of concerned residents, business leaders and city officials guided by a Certified Tree Expert.  

#2. Create a Rahway Tree Ordinance in compliance with NJ Law that will protect, manage and enforce all aspects of our city’s tree care program.  

By adhering to the objectives of the Rahway Community Forestry Management Plan we will cost-effectively maintain, develop and promote Rahway’s safe shade tree decisions that will help us achieve the: 

UNFULFILLED GOALS of the Rahway Community Forestry Management Plan

Page 23 Para. 1 Update 2002 Street Tree Inventory

Page   3 Para. 9 Increase Tree Canopy To 30%

Page 27 Para. 4-B Improve Tree Diversity 

Page 30 Para. 6 Prevent Needless Tree Removal 

Page   3 Para. 5 Follow Plant The Right Tree In The Right Place & In The Right Way

Page 30 Para. 4  Follow Systematic Street Tree Preventative Maintenance 

Page 27 Para. 6 Follow Post Planting Care Program (trunk protection, removing stakes & ties & grates and stumps)

To halt the decline of our city’s urban forest, we request that you move forward to establish a community Tree Board, guided by a Certified Tree Expert that will create a Rahway Tree Ordinance that will govern all our tree-care decisions.

56 have signed. Let’s get to 100!